Windows Test Master


Windows Test Master is a fake antivirus program that infiltrates into computers using fake Microsoft Security Essentials alert. This alert is not related to Microsoft in any way. It only wants to look like trustful but in fact there is nothing to be trusted in the message. Actually it reports that your computer is infected with a Trojan and recommends scanning your computer. Then Windows Test Master is installed and the main problems start.

The program runs its scanner with each system reboot. It imitates looking for infections and after generates a list of supposedly detected threats on your system. Obviously these infections are fake and probably such files don’t exist on your computer at all. However, the program offers purchasing a full version of Windows Test Master in order to enable the application to remove all infections. In fact such notifications are absolutely fake and should be ignored. Paying for Windows Test Master is a waste of money as nothing will change either the payment will be made or not. The truth is that Windows Test Master displays fake infections that don’t even exist on your system.

You are highly recommended to get rid of Windows Test Master from your computer instead of paying for it. If you have made a payment already, contact your credit card company and dispute the charges.

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