Windows Threats Removing


Windows Threats Removing is a new rogue antispyware program that was recently released by cyber criminals in order to swindle away their money. Windows Threats Removing infiltrates into computer system with a help of Trojans and pretends to be a trial version of an antispyware program.

Windows Threats Removing loads its scanner and pretends to look for infections. The scanner runs for a few minutes and once it’s done, you will receive a list of infections that supposedly were detected on your system. The program states that its trial is not able to remove them so you have to purchase its license and activate the program. Unfortunately, the truth is that Windows Threats Removing doesn’t exist as an antispyware program. It’s only a scam that creates an illusion of being antispyware but in fact it has no useful functions at all.

While Windows Threats Removing is running in the background, the system also constantly produces fake security alerts and pop up ads warning about spyware infiltration, etc. all these messages redirect you to the website where you are offered to purchase Windows Threats Removing as a security tool.

Please do not Trust this fake program. Remove Windows Threats Removing with a reputable antispyware program or manually. Use the removal instructions of Windows Threats Removing.

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