Windows Tool


Windows Tool is a rogue antispyware program that infiltrates to computer systems using Trojan viruses and cause lots of bad actions there. The program is started with each system reboot. Windows Tool runs its scanner and imitates looking for infections. The program warns about tons of threats detected on your computer and recommends getting its full version in order to remove them.

Windows Tool also causes plenty of fake security notifications annoying pop up ads which are flooding your system despite your other activity there. The goal of such messages is the same as of the scanner of Windows Tool – to make you believe your system is badly infected and then convince you into purchasing a full version of Windows Tool.

Windows Tool was designed by cyber criminals in order to get some money from computer users who do not know about their intentions. In reality this program is completely useless.

You are strongly recommended to get rid of Windows Tool as soon as you find it on your computer. Use a reputable antispyware program and eliminate Windows Tool quickly and easily.

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