Windows Trojans Inspector is a fake!

Windows Trojans Inspector is a rogue antivirus program that belongs to the same family as Windows Malware Sleuth and Windows Trojans Sleuth. These programs are advertised on malicious websites by pretending to scan computer systems. The advertisement is finished by displaying tons of problems on your system related to malware infections.
Windows Trojans Inspector usually enters the system through hacked websites, the program pretends scanning computer for infections by running a fake scanner after each computer reboot. The scanner claims that your computer system is infected with a bunch of infections. In order to remove them, the program asks you to make a payment for a license of Windows Trojans Inspector.
The reality is that it’s the way to get some money from you. Unfortunately, you I tillegg til det normale casino online et sa finnes det ogsa et mobil casino online , det betyr at du kan vinne store summer uansett hvor du befinner deg. don’t get any program that would really work as a security tool. Moreover, you will get annoyed by tons of security notifications and pop up ads warning you that your system is infected, etc.  They are just a part of a nasty  Windows Trojans Inspector  project.
You must remove Windows Trojans Inspector as soon as you notice it on your computer. Do not hesitate and do it immediately to avoid infiltrations of other infections. If you have made a payment for Windows Trojans Inspector, contact your bank and dispute the charges ASAP.


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