Windows Trojans Sleuth strange name to make users believe in it

Windows Trojans Sleuth is a rogue antispyware program that origins form the same family of rogues as Windows Attacks Preventor, Windows Threats Destroyer and other. The program infiltrates to random computer systems through the use of Trojan viruses. It also often uses fake online scanners which imitate performing system scan and later on insists you to purchase a full version of Windows Trojan Sleuth in order to remove detected infections.
If Windows Trojan Sleuth is installed into the system, it becomes the dominating component in the system. It loads a scanner after each computer reboot and pretends to look for infections. In fact it doesn’t do anything but after a while, the program generates a list of infections and reports about a bunch of the treats supposedly detected on the system. In order to remove them you will be asked to purchase a license of Windows Trojan Sleuth.
Moreover, the program will cause tons of security notifications to appear on your desktop without any reason. The messages will state that your computer is infected and you need an antispyware program in order to scan your computer and fix all problems that exist there.
You are strongly advised to not take any messages by Windows Trojan Sleuth for granted and as they all only want to gain some of your money. The best what you can do once noticing any of the above mentioned actions on your computer is removing Widows Trojan Sleuth from your system as soon as possible.


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