Windows Troubles Solver


Windows Troubles Solver belongs to the family of rogue programs that use fake Microsoft Security Essentials alert in order to infiltrate into random computer system, trick their users and get money from them.

Once inside, the program loads a scanner and imitates perfuming system scan. After it’s done, the program states that your computer contains a bunch of errors mainly related to your hard drive. The program states that you must remove them as soon as possible and as a solution suggests getting its program in full version. Basically you are told to purchase a license of Windows Troubles Solver.

Moreover, the program will cause tons of security notifications displayed on your computer without any serious reason. These messages will claim that your system is at risk and redirect to a website of Windows Troubles Solver as well where they will expect you to pay for it.

Security experts strongly recommend eliminating Windows Troubles Solver from your computer as soon as you find its very first traces on your computer. Use a legitimate antispyware tool and run a full system scan to get rid of Windows Troubles Solver and all infections that might infiltrate while this badware was running on your system.

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