Windows Tweaking Utility


Windows Tweaking Utility is another rogue program from the same family as Windows Oversight System, Windows Supervision Center and others. These programs share the same graphical user interface and use the same methods to infiltrate into the system and so on.

At the beginning it uses a fake Microsoft Security Essentials alert which claims that your system is infected with a Trojan virus. It offers running a system scan and get rid of that Trojan. Anyway, when you agree to scan the system the program will display even more infections and recommend getting a full version of Windows Tweaking Utility.

Additionally, it generates tons of security notifications The above scrolling banner displays the celebrities most clicked on yesterday, among 47,733 astrological charts with excerpts of astrological portrait, biographies, photos, personalized cancer horoscopes and graphics that have been consulted 262,481,756 times. and pop up ads which keep on warning that your system is at risk and that you need to purchase Windows Tweaking Utility in order to remove infections.

Please do not fall for this trick of scammers. Remove Windows Tweaking Utility with a reputable antispyware program as soon as you detect its first steps on your machine.

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