Windows Ultimate Security Patch – a fake patch


Windows Ultimate Security Patch – what a nice name to trick users. Even this name does not sound like a solid one, it still can be mixed with the essential Windows system components. If victims see the security errors, and get some kind of message that there is a patch for that, then I think they might be tricked.

Windows Ultimate Security Patch is a fake anti-spyware tool. So please do not buy this product. If you paid for this tool – you wasted your money, as the real infection remains on your system. Windows Ultimate Security Patch is the virus itself. It is responsible for all these security messages, all fake identities, so the activation just cancels these notifications for some time. When the next version of the fakevimes virus will enter the market, you will start getting the same erors again.

What to do if you are infected?
the easiest way is to scan with the reputable anti=spyware program like SpyHunter, Spyware Doctor, Malware Bytes Anti-malware.. The harder way is to try to remove virus manually. I added manual removal instructions for Windows Ultimate Security Patch in There is a video guide to remove this virus too.


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