Windows Utility Inspection


Windows Inspection Utility is a rogue antispyware program that has recently been detected on the Internet. It’s another version of Windows Supervision Center and Windows Oversight Center which have been recently described too. These programs pretend to be antivirus programs but actually they are creation of cyber criminals and their only goal is to trick you into purchasing them.

Windows Inspection utility uses a fake Microsoft Essential alert to scare you out that you have been infected by a Trojan virus. The message then suggests scanning your system but in fact, if you follow those steps offered by this badware, you install Windows Inspection Utility. Once again it’s a badware designed to rip you off.

What is the way it uses to get your money? Windows Inspection Utility pretends running a system scan and reports that it detected tons of infections. For their removal, the program says that you need to purchase a full version of Windows Inspection Utility and then you won’t need to worry about anything. However, the truth is that once you pay for it, you can say goodbye to your money but you will not receive any removal tool for that. Actually Windows Inspection utility reports about infections that don’t even exist on your computer. Do not purchase it under any circumstances as you will only lose your money.

Security experts strongly recommend deleting Windows Inspection Utility using a reputable antispyware program. Do not hesitate even one minute, if you paid for it, contact your credit card company and dispute the charges.

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