Windows Vista Fix


Windows Vista Fix is a fake system defragmenter that was designed by cyber criminals in order to swindle your money away. The program enters random computer systems with a help of Trojan viruses. Once there it modifies some parameters so that it could dominate in the infected system.

Windows Vista Fix completely changes the way your computer acts. It runs system scan to check for system errors and definitely reports to find some. The next step is asking for you to pay for a full version of Windows Vista Fix so it could fix all detected problems. Unfortunately, once you pay, it only charges your card but doesn’t provide real services. In fact, it reports about system errors that don’t even exist so basically you don’t even need to do anything about them.

Get rid of Windows Vista Fix as soon as you can with a help of a reputable antispyware program. Use a removal guide of Windows Vista Fix provided by security experts which will help you to remove the infection manually.

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