Windows Vista Repair


Windows Vista Repair is a fake system optimization tool that infiltrates into random computer systems through Trojan viruses in order to rip computer users off. The program offers fixing your system errors for a certain amount of money.

First of all, Windows Vista Repair creates an illusion that your system is not all right. It generates tons of security notifications claiming that your system has RAM memory or hard drive issues. Then the program offers purchasing a full version of Disk Recovery in order to it could repair everything that causes problems to your system. Basically you are told that Windows Vista Repair detected some critical errors but in order to fix that you must purchase its full version.

Moreover, you will receive tons of security notifications and pop up ads warning that your system contains plenty of errors that must be fixed as soon as possible. All such messages will redirect you to the website where you can purchase Windows Vista Repair or simply recommend activating your copy of Windows Vista Repair.

You are strongly recommended deleting Windows Vista Repair with a reputable antispyware program as soon as you can. If you have already made a payment for it, you should immediately contact your credit card company and dispute the charges. Then run a full system scan to eliminate everything that shouldn’t be on your system.

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