Windows Vista Restore


Windows Vista Restore is a rogue antivirus program that spreads to the systems through Trojans and presents itself as a regular antivirus. The program actually doesn’t act as a reputable removal tool. Windows Vista Restore runs its scanner without you asking to do so. Actually after the infiltration, it imitates scanning with each system reboot.

Windows Vista Restore reports about a bunch of infections detected no your computer. Actually the program is not able to detect anything so you shouldn’t take those scan results for granted.

This badware can also redirect you to some unwanted websites as it tends to hijack your browser. Additionally, it displays various security notifications with fake alerts that also attempt to convince you into purchasing a full version of Windows Vista Restore.

Please do not act the way Windows Vista Restore asks you to act. If you pay for it you will only lose your money. Trying to delete files which Windows Vista Restore reported as infections is not a solution either. This can even lead to damaging your system as you can remove legitimate files. Remove Windows Vista Restore as soon as you detect it on your system.

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