Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer


Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer is a rogue antivirus program that spreads on computers using fake Microsoft Security Essentials alert but in fact is a useless application that you should not trust. The program pretends performing actions of security tool but in reality it’s not able to do anything useful.

The program uses fake computer scanner and imitates looking for infections on your system. Then it even displays a list of threats and recommends removing it with a full version of Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer.

The program also displays various security notifications and pop up ads claiming that your private data is not safe and offering to scan your system in order to initiate system files check. There are no doubts that your system will be scanned with Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer and later on you will be asked to purchase it.

Please do not fall for this trick. Computer hackers only want to get your money by creating this kind of programs. You should eliminate Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer with a reputable antispyware program straight after noticing it on your machine.

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