Another rogue antispyware you should avoid is Windows Web Commander


Windows Web Commander is another fake rogue antispyware program from FakeVimes family of rogue antispywares. They all share the same GUI, which is a mimic of Windows Security Center. It tries to scare computer users with lots of notices and alerts, that their computers are infected. However, you should ignore all the alerts, because they are fake.

Windows Web Commander doesn’t even have ability to scan the computer. It just starts a script that shows a “scanning screen”, but it doesn’t do anything. The fact is that it takes various legitimate and clean files, and shows them as malicious. Sometimes even system files, that are needed for system are marked as malicious. Don’t delete any of the files that Windows Web Commander marks as threats.

In fact, Windows Web Commander itself is a threat. You should delete it as soon as you find out about it. Usually it get’s into the PC through various security holes and exploits. Sometimes even visiting an infected website may get you infected with this rogue antispyware. The best way to remove Windows Web Commander from your computer is to use a reputable and legitimate antispyware tools. Here’s a guide on how to do that.

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