Windows Wise Protection


Windows Wise Protection is a fake application designed by no one else but computer hackers.  The infiltration of the program to computer systems is based on a fake Microsoft Security Essentials alert. It’s a fake alert which claims that your system is infected with a Trojan virus and offers scanning it with Window Wise Protection.

As soon as the scan finishes, the program lists a bunch of files and says that all of them are damaging your system. Next you are offered to purchase a license of Windows Wise Protection by online casino stating that only a full version of a program is able to remove infections. Beware that it’s just a way to steal money from you. Paying for Windows Wise Protection is equal to throwing your money to the wind. It definitely doesn’t mean that you will get protection to your system.

In reality the only real infection that must be removed is Windows Wise Protection itself. You are strongly recommended to eliminate Windows Wise Protection as soon as you detect it on your system. Ignore the scan results of this program and any notifications that push you into purchasing Windows Wise Protection as it’s completely useless.

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