Windows Work Checker


Windows Work Checker is a rogue antivirus program that spreads on computers through a fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert. The program simulates all functions of security tool in order to convince computer users it’s a reputable antivirus program that will solve all your security problems.

First of all, you receive a warning claiming that your system was infected with a Trojan virus. In order to get rid of it you will be offered to scan your system. Once the scan is done, the program will report to detect a bunch of infections and claim that you have to purchase a full version of Windows Work Checker so it could remove all the infections.

Do not fall for this trick. Windows Work Checker is not able to remove anything, it only wants to get your money. Don’t get surprised if you receive various security notifications and pop up messages warning you that your system is infected and pushing you to purchase Windows Work Checker. It’s just a part of a trick.

You are strongly recommended to get rid of Windows Work Checker as soon as you notice it on your computer. Use a reputable antispyware program and remove Windows Work Checker as soon as possible.

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