Windows XP Recovery


Windows XP Recovery is a newly created rogue antispyware program that spreads on computers through Trojan viruses and attempts to gain money without any efforts. It’s a program designed copying an antispyware program which kind of imitates its actions but doesn’t actually perform any of them.

Windows XP Recovery gets access to the system through Trojan virus that looks just like a Microsoft Security Essentials Alert. This alert appears on the system out of nowhere and states that your computer is badly infected. In order to fix the situation, it offers downloading and installing Windows XP Recovery to your computer.

As soon as the program enters a targeted machine, it will be configured to start automatically when computer starts. The program will imitate performing system scan and warn about tons of infections supposedly detected on your machine. Unfortunately, it will not remove them, just state that they exist and ask for purchasing a license in order to eliminate infected files. However, that is not a solution.

Even if you make a payment for Windows XP Recovery, your system will continue acting strange. The reason of this is because this application doesn’t work as a security tool. It only tries to get your money by saying false information and damaging your computer’s activity.

You are highly recommended to uninstall Windows XP Recovery as soon as possible. First of all stop its processes so you could get access to launching your programs and then scan your system with a reputable antispyware program. You may also find helpful to use removal instructions of Windows XP Recovery.

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