Windows XP Repair


Windows XP Repair is a one more scam application designed by computer hackers in order to get money from ordinary computer users. The program pretends to be a legitimate security tool and tries to convince you into purchasing it.

Windows XP Repair is installed through Trojan virus and immediately configured to start automatically when you computer logs in to Windows. It imitates scanning computer and claims to detect tons of infections on your computer. In order to remove detected infections you will be asked to purchase a license of Windows XP repair and activate the program.

Additionally, you will notice various security notifications and pop up ads warning that your computer has been attacked by spyware infections and that you should purchase a full version of Windows XP Repair to scan your system and remove all infections.

Please do not take this scanner for granted. It doesn’t give you any real facts about protection status of your system. Do not pay anything for this badware if you don’t want to lose your money. Remove Windows XP Repair from your computer using a reputable antispyware program.

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