WindowsFixDisk is a rogue antispyware program that spreads on computers through Trojan viruses. It pretends being a security application but in fact it’s just one more rogue program that was designed by computer hackers. If you have ever faced any of fake antispyware running on your system you know what I am talking about.

As I already mentioned, Windows Fix Disk employs Trojan viruses which leads to infiltration that is completely invisible fro the computer user. The program is also configured to be loaded with each system reboot. Then it runs a scanner and imitates looking for infections. WindowsFixDisk reports about tons of infections detected on your computer. For their removal the program offers purchasing its license. The program states that his will definitely fix all security related problems.

Windows Fix Disk also makes your computer work improperly. It hides certain files in your folders so you may think that they have been deleted. The program also generates tons of security notifications and pop up ads which also warn about infections supposedly detected on your system.

WindowsFixDisk uses all possible methods to make you believe your system is infected. do not purchase this application under any circumstance. If you have already made a payment, contact your credit card company to dispute the charges. Remove Windows Fix Disk without any hesitations.

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