WiniFighter is a rogue security tool, belonging to the same badwares family as WiniBlueSoft and WinBlueSoft. Offering to install licensed version of WiniFighter, this rogue was created to take money from trustful users.
WiniFighter usually attacks the PC system through vulnerabilities of security with a help of trojans. After WiniFighter get inside the system, it bombards the PC owner with misleading alerts and fake scans that note about the detection of insecure activity on the PC. As other similar rogue anti-spywares, WiniFighter offers the user to install its “full” version which will “eliminate” threats that will be found.
In fact, WiniFighter is the parasite by itself and results of the scanning can not be trusted. Moreover, this rogue is known to infect the PC and make it run slower than it is usual. The user should pay attention to these signs and remove WiniFighter rogue anti-spyware right away it was noticed on the computer.

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