WinReanimator is another wave of infections that rampaged many PCs just after its release. Faking the name of pharmaceuticals company in its domain registration data, they try to convince you that they are "best anti-spyware solution", and even recommended by Windows Anti-virus. Which you probably do not have if you get infected and start seeing these popups. Spreading using Vundo trojan, the infection comes from various porno and other corrupt or just unluckily infected sites. Not a reliable source for the best anti-spyware around, isn't it?

The tool itself is weak and a clone of countless similar Rogues before it. It would scan and find either parasites it downloaded itself, or just some fakes that unexperienced PC user wont be able to check for truthfulness. Of couse, for getting them removed you will have to provide these rogues your credit card details, which is not a good idea, believe me. We have heard a lot of stories about people that got they money stolen that way. Dont wait and remove WinReanimator once noticing its infection on your PC.

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