WinSecure is reincarnation of WinSecureAV malware. Win Secure is a malicious program as well. It is presented online as tool dedicated for encrypting information, but it spreads and acts like a computer parasite. Don’t trust WinSecure software and remove it as soon as possible.

Win Secure spreads with help of trojans and various malicious websites such as adults and freeware. It attracts people by using misleading advertising as it promises to keep data on a computer safe. However WinSecure is not safe to use and it won’t protect any files. WinSecure is only capable of loading fake security notifications and advertising paid version. Do not buy WinSecure! It’s a fraud and it’s won’t work as encryption tool even if you pay for it. If Win Secure is already installed on your machine, follow WinSecure removal instructions to delete it.

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