WinSecureAV is a typical corrupt anti spyware. It is installed by trojans, but it is also available online as free security tool. Once installed it attacks user with enormous amount of pop-ups that warn about computer infections. WinSecureAV isn’t capable of running a scan, but it generates scan report. Both warnings and scan report are fabricated; it’s a scam to push people into buying full version of WinSecureAV software.
Do not purchase WinSecureAV! You will only lose your money. If WinSecureAV has occupied your computer, follow WinSecureAV removal to get rid of this pest. WinSecureAV is not a security tool; it’s a malware.

One Response to “WinSecureAV”

  1. Chris says:

    I bought this shit, it sucks SOmething needs to be done about this. It is bullshit. The toll free # they gave me is no longer in service LOL, I should of threw 50 bucks out the window