WinSecurity 360


Win Security 360 is a rogue security program which will not provide security to your computer no matter what the name of it says. If you encounter this application on your computer, please don’t trust it and, most importantly, don’t pay money for it. Win Security 360 is just one more trick of the hackers to swindle your money away.

The application infects computers with a help of Trojans and starts its activity as soon as you login to Windows. Firstly, it reports about hundreds of infections detected on your system and offers to purchase a licensed version of WinSecurity 360 in order to remove them. Secondly, WinSecurity 360 attacks with pop-up ads that again warn your computer is not protected. Stay aware that the files WinSecurity 360 detected as infections might be required for Windows and removing them may cause improper operation of it. Therefore, don’t act under the instructions of WinSecurity 360.

The application also tends to modify Windows Registry and adds new entries there. This helps WinSecurity 360 take control of your computer’s actions. It can terminate some of your legitimate programs while they are running. Win Security 360 will explain that the programs are infected so it has crashed.

You should definitely not purchase Win Security 360 no matter how much it will try to convince you to do that. It is not a safe application to use so get rid of WinSecurity 360 as soon as you spot it on your system.

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