Wireshark Antivirus


Wireshark Antivirus does nothing else but pushes PC users into purchasing its license.” That was the first idea which came up into my mind after seeing this program. It seems that I was right because recently Wireshark Antivirus was announced to be a rogue anti-spyware.

The most common signs of Wireshark Antivirus presence on a computer are its phony system scanners and multiple pop-up warnings that all state about danger which was detected on the machine. Malware imitates scanning the system everytime the PC is rebooted and just after that declares that computer is in danger and needs to be fixed. The suggested remedy for removing the falsely detected viruses and threats will be Wireshark Antivirus.

Don’t buy Wireshark Antivirus because it’s not capable to eliminate any virus. Being categorized as rogue anti-spyware, Wireshark Antivirus must be removed from the system ASAP. So please, eliminate every infection on your computer, including malicious Wireshark Antivirus.


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