WolfRam Antivirus


WolfRam Antivirus is a fake antispyware program that belongs to the same family of rogues as infamous Blueflare antivirus. The program uses Trojan viruses of the infiltration which makes the infiltration completely secret. Once WolfRam Antivirus enters the system it starts dominating there.

The program pretends scanning the system for infections and then reports to detect tons of infections there. In order to remove them you are asked to purchase a full version of WolfRam Antivurs. Please do not fall for this trick as you will only lose your money and you will not solve any of your security problems.

Moreover, get ready to receive tons of fake security notifications and pop up ads warning you that your computer is badly infected with Trojans and other kinds of infections. These messages are also meant to convince you into purchasing WolfRam Antivirus as a reputable antispyare program. Please don’t trust this kind of statement. If it happened for you to be infected by this badware, immediately make sure to get rid of WolfRam Antivirus.


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