XP Defender


Stay away from another rogue anti-spyware program – XP Defender. It behaves just like a legitimate security tool. However, this program was created with quite different purpose. XP Defender is a creation of cyber criminals who simply wants to rip off computer users who have no knowledge about this kind of applications.

XP Defender is infiltrated with Trojan viruses which is the main mean of distribution of rogue antispyware. Right when you restart your computer when the program is downloaded and installed, XP Defender becomes a dominating application on your system. First of all, the program uses its scanner to check the system for infections. Once the scan is done, XP Defender fabricates  scan results and reports you about infections that doesn’t even exist or are your legitimate programs. As you understand, you shouldn’t even try to remove something that doesn’t exist. Anyway, XP Defender will make you think they are extremely dangerous threats and insist you purchasing a full version of XP Defender in order to remove the detections.

Moreover, XP Defender will generate fake security alerts which will be popping up no matter what you do on your computer. These alerts will report about infections detected on your system and recommend purchasing XP Defender as well.

Please ignore such security notifications and any scan results given by XP Defender as they are fake. Instead make sure to remove XP Defender from your computer as soon as possible.

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