XP Defense 2010


XP Defense 2010 is a program that pretends to protect your machine from parasites. Unfortunately, it’s just an illusion created by professionally working computer hackers. The truth is that XP Defense 2010 is an infection itself that spreads via Trojan viruses.

When the program gets inside, it uses a scanner which is designed to imitate looking for infections. Then XP Defense 2010 reports about detecting tons of different threats. You must understand that this means nothing and you don’t have to take any actions in order to get rid of them. However, XP Defense 2010 tells contrary. The program states that you must purchase its full version in order to eliminate every single detected threat.

The whole tricking thing will not end with fabricated system scan. XP Defense 2010 is also going to annoy you by displaying plenty mobile casino of different pop up messages and security notifications reporting http://topratedonlinecasinos.ch/ about some system errors. Besides, your Internet browser will very possibly be hijacked and you receive warnings while you will be trying to surf the Internet. XP Defense 2010 also keeps redirecting you to malicious websites to make payments for it.

Instead of revealing your credit card details, security experts strongly recommend you to eliminate XP Defense 2010. Contact your credit card company if you have already made a payment for this malware.

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