XP Home Security 2012

XP Home Security 2012 is another malicious program that infects computer systems over the Internet in order to gain some money from computer users. It spreads over system vulnerabilities with a help of Trojan viruses. Once inside, XP Home Security 2012 modifies Windows Registry in order to play the main role in controlling the whole system.
These changes are responsible for a bunch of security notifications and pop up messages that are not only very annoying but they may also mislead you into thinking that your system is badly infected with various spyware infections. However, you shouldn’t trust any of them once they mention purchasing XP Home Security 2012 or is somehow related to XP Home Security 2012. That’s because they are only trying to trick you into purchase a fake program.
Besides, once you are infected with XP Home Security 2012, every computer reboot will be followed by a scanner of XP Home Security 2012. This scan must be ignored just like the messages by XP Home Security 2012 application just because the program is fake and it is not able to detect any real infections.
Another irritating consequence of the existence of XP Home Security 2012 inside the system is browser hijacking. Once you attempt to visit some Internet page you may end up visiting a website promoting XP Home Security 2012 as a legitimate antispyware program. That is done in order to convince you into purchasing a full version of XP Home Security 2012 once again.
Please, do not trust any information claiming that XP Home Security 2012 is a legitimate antispyware program. If you have noticed any of the traces of this dangerous application on your computer, you should consider removing XP Home Security 2012 as soon as possible.

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