XP Micro Antivirus


Have you detected XP Micro Antivirus application on your computer? Then you must know some information about it. XP Micro Antivirus may sound as a useful security tool but actually it’s one more rogue application that only imitates the features of anti-spyware product.

The application penetrates into the system with a help of Trojan viruses. It first makes some modifications in your Windows Registry which causes tons of pop ups and security notifications announcing about spyware infections that has been detected on your system. Besides, after each reboot of the computer, you will see a scanner of XP Micro Antivirus that will imitate scanning your system for infections. When the scan finishes, it will generate a list of infections and persist removing them. But this will be possible only if you purchase a full version of XP Micro Antivirus.

This constant display of security messages and scanners becomes really annoying. However, you must ignore both scan results and security notifications because they are all fabricated for one reason – to make you purchase XP Micro Antivirus software. If you have already done that, do not hesitate and contact your credit card company to dispute the charges. Finally, get rid of XP Micro Antivirus manually or with a reputable anti-spyware program.

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