XP Security 2012


XP Security 2012 is a fake security application which in fact is a rogue antispyware program. The program belongs to a large group of malware which installs ave.exe executable and launches it instead of any other executables. XP Security 2012 is downloaded and installed with a help of Trojan viruses.

Once the application is inside, it is also configured to start automatically when computer is restarted. Then XP Security 2012 loads its scanner and simulates system check for infections. The program generates a long list of imaginable infections and states they must be removed with a help of a full version of XP Security 2012 program. All you need to do is pay for its license and then register your program.

Moreover, XP Security 2012 generates fabricated security notifications while you are running some other program. These notifications tell you to purchase XP Security 2012 as well as a solution to fix spyware infections which are badly damaging your system.

We highly recommend you to ignore any messages by XP Security 2012 as it is not an application to trust. Later you will get your Internet browser hijacked and your computer will become hardly bearable to use. Trust us, you must eliminate XP Security 2012 as soon as you notice the first signs of its existence on your system.

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