XP Security Tool 2010


XP Security Tool 2010 is a rogue anti-spyware program that dangerously infects lots of computer system in order to swindle away the money of computer users. It was created by computer hackers who are looking for easy ways to get some money.

XP Security Tool 2010 sneaks into computer systems bundled with Trojan virus. Firstly, the program does some reconfigurations in your Windows Registry. As a result, XP Security Tool 2010 will take a complete control of the activity on your computer.

The program contains a fake scanner which is loaded after you login to Windows. You can probably guess that his scanner displays completely fabricated scan results and tries to mislead you into purchasing a license of XP Security Tool 2010. Your system will also be flooded with fake pop up messages stating that some dangerous software is running on your system or your computer is being attacked by spyware infections. According to XP Security Tool 2010, these things can cause your private data loss, such as passwords or the details of your credit card.

Please remember, that XP Security Tool 2010 is not worth trusting as it is only seeking for your money. The program only pretends to have functions of security tool but indeed it doesn’t care about protection of your computer. Remove XP Security Tool immediately after detecting it on your computer. Please contact your credit card company if you paid for XP Security Tool 2010 and dispute the charges.

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