XP Security Tool 2011


XP Security Tool 2011 is a malicious rogue antispyware program that spreads on computers through Trojan viruses. It infects random computer systems and pretends to be a security tool. The reason of that is to rip computer users of by trying to sell a fake program.

It is impossible to notice infiltration of XP Security Tool 2011 on your computer as the program employs Trojan viruses for this task. As soon as computer is started the program runs system scan and pretends to look for infections. This action is run completely against your will. Finally the scanner reports about a bunch of infections and recommends removing them with a so called full version of XP Security Tool 2011.

The program also displays tons of security notifications and pop up ads that warn about Trojans, spyware and all kinds of infections. These messages also lead to the offer to purchase XP Security Tool 2011.

You should get rid of XP Security Tool 2011 from your computer as soon as you notice its existence on your computer. If you have also paid for it, contact your credit card company and dispute the charges.


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