XP Security


XP Security is a scam application that spreads via Trojan viruses and infects computer systems in order to convince their users into purchasing a full version of XP Security program. The program is attempting to prove computer user his system contains malicious infections which need immediate fix. But let’s talk about it from the beginning.

XP Security is advertised through malevolent online scanners which supposedly scans computer for infections and later offers the services of XP Security licensed version. There’s no need to say that you have to pay for this license. And most importantly, the program is not able to give any functions of real security tool.

Regardless what the scanner will state, do not purchase XP Security as it’s not an application you want or need. Later, you will experience even more inconveniences, including browser hijack and enormous number of pop up ads. Your browser will be redirecting you to the website promoting XP Security instead of displaying the website you request. The pop up messages will state that your system is badly infected with malware infections.

Remove XP Security as soon as you detect it on your computer without any doubts. Security experts also recommend scanning your system for additional infections because your system is extremely vulnerable while XP Security is running in the background.

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