XP Smart Security 2010


Stay clear of XP Smart Security 2010 program. That is definitely not a program you want or need on your computer. Here’s how this scam application enters your system and works there.

First of all, you must know that anyone is hardly protected from the infiltration of XP Smart Security 2010. The program employs Trojan viruses to distribute it to as many computers as possible. When XP Smart Security 2010 gets inside, it changes some important settings in your Registry. The program completely takes over your system and controls every action there.

Most of the time, XP Smart Security hijacks your Internet browser. As a result, you get your homepage changed and when you want to visit some specific website, there’s a big chance that you will be redirected to a website of XP Smart Security 2010. This malicious site not only contains tons of Trojans but also gives false information about your system protection status. It also runs online scanner and gives fabricated scan results in order to convince you into purchasing XP Smart Security 2010 software. Besides, you will regularly get tons of security notifications by XP Smart Security 2010 warning you about infections detected and offering purchasing a full version of XP Smart Security 2010.

Do not trust this trick as you will end up losing money by paying for completely useless software. However, if you have already been convinced and paid money for this malicious application, contact your credit card company and dispute the charges as soon as you can. Then eliminate XP Smart Security 2010 from your computer manually or with a help of legitimate anti-spyware program.

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