Your PC Protector


Your PC Protector is a fake security tool that infects your computer through Trojan viruses. The program pretends to be anti-spyware software but in reality it only attempts to penetrate into a new computer and convince more people to buy Your PC Protector application.

As soon as the Trojan finds the way to enter into your system, it downloads and installs Your PC Protector to your machine. Once the program is inside it starts its malicious activity. First of all Your PC Protector modifies your Registry settings. This allows the program displaying tons of different security alerts announcing about system infections. Your PC Protector also launches its fake scanners. The program only imitates system scan and gives the results completely different to the reality. Your PC Protector seeks to convince you that it has found plenty of infections that have to be immediately removed. To do that you need to buy a full version of Your PC Protector.

Do not even think to purchase this scam program. Your PC Protector was created only on one purpose – to rip computer users off. Remove Your PC Protector if you find it on your computer. In case you have already paid for a program, contact your credit card company as soon as possible and dispute the charges.

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