Your Protection


Your Protection is a fake security tool that is promoted and installed through Trojan viruses without knowledge of its user. As soon as the program gets inside it uses its scanner for detecting your legitimate anti-spyware programs. Your Protection states they are infections and convinces you to remove them from your system.

Moreover, Your Protection imitates looking for spyware infections. It fabricates a list of imaginary files and claims they pose risk to proper functioning of your machine. The only possible way Your Protection suggests for removal of infections is purchasing a license of Your Protection. However, it’s a trick that many rogue programs use in order to gain money. So do not purchase anything by Your Protection application. Do not try to remove the infections manually either as Your Protection doesn’t detect real infections. The files that the program displays as threats might even be your legitimate programs and removing them may affect your Windows operation.

As long as Your Protection is running on your system, it will also generate various security alerts that will be warning you about some threats detected on your system that are harmful and pose risk to losing your private data. The solution, according to Your Protection, is purchasing its license as well.

Please ignore any statements saying that you need to purchase Your Protection. Instead you should take care of removing Your Protection malware from your system.

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