Zlob and Smitfraud


Corrupt spyware removers, fake video codecs and parasite downloaders are among the most widely spread threats on the Internet today. We hear about Zlob and Smitfraud everywhere, but what do these names mean? Smitfraud is a family of trojans that trick people into downloading rogue products by displaying annoying system tray icons, showing deceptive security warnings or hijacking a web browser. Many rogues are installed that way. Zlob parasites are slightly different. Their main function is to download and run malicious code, which can be a Smitfraud trojan or any other security risk. Zlobs usually do it without user knowledge and consent. Both Zlob and Smitfraud infections share the same primary objective – install a corrupt security product and trick the user into purchasing it. Programs installed by these parasites are the notorious AntiVermins, VirusBurst and Spy Sheriff threats. The larger part of other widely spread rogues are distributed by similar pests. Today, removal of rogues often means removal of Zlobs and Smitfrauds. Sometimes it’s a difficult task. However, advanced anti-spyware such as Spyware Doctor can get rid of the infection in just a few minutes. I highly recommend it. If the pest is still there, you might want to look at detailed removal guides that target the most widely spread Zlob and Smitfraud variants.

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